Examples of good story

Anti bullying stories by kids

Give an example when your friend was about to be rejected from the group or made fun of. What creative idea can you use on the spot to save her from embarrassment?

get ideas from the stories below.

1. Raizy was a quiet girl who sat in the side watching the girls plan the Chanukah party. We were all shouting our ideas and laughing. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I know I had to do something about it. Then someone came up with an idea for a banner “but who should do it?” someone cried out. “I know”, I said, “Raisy is a very good artist, I am sure she’ll be able to do it.” “Well… I guess we could try,” everyone agreed. I looked at Raizy and she looked so happy.

2. There was a group of friends that wanted to play kickball. But, there was a new girl who wanted to make friends but she was too shy. So, one of the girls in the group said, “Let’s go and ask the new girl if she wants to play with us.” The head of the group said, “No she is a freak.” And she started calling her names. So, the other girl said, “ if you don’t want to include her, then I won’t play.” So she went over to the new girl and became friends with her.

But I ignored it and they stopped.” I felt really bad for her, because it is not nice. Let’s say you were new and everybody teased you, you would feel bad and it would hurt your feeling

6. One time Rebecca and Cheryl were going to an amusement park. At first Rebecca invited another friend Nina to go with them but when Cheryl heard this, she was not happy. She was forced Rebecca to cancel on Nina. After thinking about it Rebecca stood up to Cheryl and said, “How would you feel if someone did that to you?” Cheryl gave in and Nina joined them to the park. Cheryl learned to like Nina because she gave her a chance. They all became best friends. After that they made sure that all three of them were included.

7. Once we were in gym and I noticed one girl getting teased and mistreated. Everyone was trying to get only her out in dodge ball. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Her face was turning red. What could I do? I quietly walked over to the other girls and said, “Why do you think you are more important than her?” They replied, “We don’t think that.” So why are you doing this to her? You know it’s hurting her.” So they didn’t answer and they just stopped trying to get her out.

8. It is Sunday and it is one girl’s birthday. She invited everybody in her class. The next day another girl announced that her birthday party was going to be the same day as the other girl’s. The day that the party was supposed to be nobody came. She started to cry. Then she heard a knock on a door and everybody was there. The girl that was having the other birthday party was even there. They all had a good time.

3. Once there was a girl she was new in school and everyone was making fun of her because she had an accent. I came up to her and said, “Don’t feel bad. I was new in school also and I was teased too.

4. My friend and I were discussing who we though would get the good parts in our upcoming play. When Leah mentioned Avigayil for the main part, suddenly Adina, Chavi and Miriam burst out laughing “Avigayil?” they exclaimed, “You really think she would get the part?” And standing two feet away was Avigayil. Seeing the look on Avigayil’s face, I quickly added, “She may not be the best actress, but with her voice she will totally get the solo in the quire.” Avigayil smiled seeing everyone agree. And I knew what I said would brighten her day!

5. We were playing illuminations. There was a girl sitting on a side. She was the shy kid who gets scared easily. She was afraid to ask if she could play because she was afraid to be rejected. Most kids didn’t consider it. But I said to my friend, “She might be a good player. After all, we never gave her a chance.” She played, and got me out and most of the other kids out as well.