Anger Management

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Vico Mizrahi

A few years ago my friends and I went to my friend Jack’s house. At his house there was a boy who was easily angered. This boy got mad at another boy and chased him around with a baseball bat. This boy had anger issues. Two years later, in 4th grade, this same boy walked into school with a positive attitude. He had good midot and he was nice to everyone. I asked him how he changed. He said, “I realized being a bully and scaring people off was wrong. You don’t gain by bullying. So I decided to stop.”

Ezra Faks

If you want to know how someone controls his anger, you see how they react when something upsetting happens. For example, someone has a big art project for school. He spent a month working on it. You accidentally smash it. When he sees it, he doesn’t get upset. That means he has good anger management.

Vicki Swed

If you ask your friend for a snack and she says, “No.” Then someone else asks her and she says, “Yes.” You have to control your anger and think maybe there is a good reason. Maybe, once, she asked you and you said, “No” or she owes to that girl. People will like you if you have the ability to control your anger.

David Shacalo

I think my friend Joe Rahmey has good anger management. When I built something out of Lego with him, I went to get some soda and accidentally knocked it over. I saw he worked very hard on it and he did not get angry. Then we rebuilt it and he wasn’t angry at me the whole time.

Sari Ashkenazi

Let’s say someone cheated on someone’s paper and they are mad on the inside at them but on the outside they are very calm and say, “It’s ok.” That’s great anger management.