Anger Management Stories

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Ninette Chemtob

My friend was in a fight with someone and the other person called her a really mean name and she held her anger and just walked away.

Evan Plaut

One time, a boy was playing basketball and he hurt another boy’s arm. That boy got mad at him. But, after, he was all nice to him because he knew it was a mistake. They became friends again. If I had a company, I would hire him because he can move on if something happens.

Shimmy Cohen

A trait that I think is important is anger management. One time one boy tripped and fell on another boy who was eating a slice of pizza. When the boy who tripped got up, the boy who was eating pizza looked at his shirt. There was a huge sauce stain on his white shirt. The boy who fell got up and looked at the mess he caused feeling embarrassed. The quality of anger management helped this boy overcome his anger. After the boy who tripped said sorry, the boy did not scream. He said, “It’s fine. It wasn’t your fault.” This made both boys feel good. This gives off a feeling of kindness and friendliness.

Daniel Beyda

One time, my friend and I were really excited because he got the new iPod touch. We started playing on it and eventually we got tired. So we took a break to get water. When we came back, we started playing again and then, by mistake, I spilled my water on the iPod. We tried turning it on because it shut off and we figured it was broken. I immediately apologized and he forgave me and didn’t get mad at all. The next day he tried turning it on again and, to our surprise, it turned back on. I think that’s a great quality. And, he even got rewarded by having his iPod work again.

Joey Jenani

My cousin controls his anger. One time, he lost a baseball game and he said it’s ok. Now we play so much baseball.