Essays about Anger Management

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Sean Haimowitz

You are playing a game of football and you have the worst kid in the school on your team. It is the last play of the game and, if your team scores a touchdown, you move on to the championship game. The worst kid in the grade is wide open in the end zone, and you pass him the ball. With nobody near him, he drops the ball. Your teammates are about to yell at him but you tell them not to. You then walk over to him, pat him on the back, and say, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll catch it next time.”

Michael Chakkalo

My friend Joey is very honest. When we were at the store, the clerk gave a dollar extra to him. He gave it back. He also has a positive attitude. When I hurt him by mistake, he didn’t make a whole tantrum about it.

Ikey Benzaken

You need someone that can manage his anger because if you have another employee that made a mistake the one that can’t control his anger will get mad and yell. But, you don’t want to deal with complaining workers. You need someone who is reliable because if you go on a business trip and leave something for your workers to do while you are gone, you want to have someone that you know will get the job done.