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Rebecca Sardar

It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside of a person. You can be the prettiest, richest girl bad be a snobby and a bully. That’s why it matters what’s on the inside. My teacher blamed Sarah for something she never did. Lauren knew how much in trouble Sarah would be. Lauren said the truth that it’s was her fault and not Sarah. Lauren got into a lot of trouble, but deep in her heart he was happy that she said the truth.

Violette Levi

When I was playing cards with my friend, she saw my cards. She said, “I saw your cards, take 5 new ones.” I said, “Thanks for being honest.”

Renee Kubie

My friend Rosie is very honest. We were playing cards and by mistake she looked at my cards. She told me, “Sorry, I looked at your cards; I promise I won’t do it again.” Rosie is the nicest friend you can ever have.

Ralph Jammal

My friend is very honest. When we play football, even when the score is close and the game is almost over. If he does anything wrong, like accidentally pushing somebody, he will admit it, even if it costs us the game. That is the best friend, an honest friend.

Harry Schneps

Two days before the last day of school I let someone borrow $5. Unfortunately I was sick on the last day of school. Everyone went to Deal. I was going the next day. He came back to Brooklyn to pay me the $5 and then went straight to deal.

David Guindi

My friend is an honest person. One time we were playing monopoly deal. He saw my cards. At the end he won. He told me, “You really won because I looked at your cards.” Now, I know he is honest.

Rachel Chabot

A person who is honest is a good person. One day, my friend and I were playing tag. She went upstairs and we said that it is only on the first floor. She admitted that she cheated because we couldn’t find her.

Joey Salama

It came the day of the baseball finals. And it was my team, the Tigers, against the undefeated team, the Blackhawks. We went 7-9 while they went 10-0. Our whole team thought we were losing because of my friend, Ezra, on the other team. He led the league in points, rebounds, assists and steals other than the 56 three-pointers he made. It was jump ball-this boy, Ezra, against Ralph who was the tallest in the league. We started off slow, down 21-10. Ezra had 12 points with a three-pointer. Then came the end of the held. We were losing 60-23. We all thought we would lose but I encouraged them and we came back 99 to 98, losing. There were 10 seconds left and then I hit a three-pointer missing it 101 to 99. Five seconds left and Ezra ran, traveled, and hit a three at the buzzer. The coach called it good but Ezra said he traveled. We were all surprised and we celebrated. From now on, Ezra is the most honest person in my eyes and I will always trust him.