Short Stories on Honesty

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Lori Naftali

An inner quality that my friend has is honesty. One day, I was by my friend’s house. I left my phone by her house and asked her to please not touch it. When I got back, I saw that she didn’t touch my phone. It was in the exact place where I left it. Now, I know that I can always trust her.

Sarah Shamie

Susan came to school today and all her homework was done. She felt so good about it. Her friend Rachel came to her and said, “Susan please, I need to copy your homework.” Susan didn’t want her to so she said, “I am sorry but it’s not honest.” Rachel said, “You are right. I will just tell the teacher I didn’t do homework.”

Karen Mizrahi

My father was looking for an assistant. He asked me if I knew anyone. I knew that whoever took the job didn’t have to have nice hair; she didn’t have to have the best shoes or be the most popular girl. She just had to be honest and organized. Suddenly, Leah came to mind. I remembered the time we had been playing hangman and she saw what the word was. So, she told me instead of pretending she didn’t know. She has the neatest locker so she is definitely organized. So, she is definitely fit for a job.

Bridgette Marcus

Everyday, I witness one of my best friend’s inner qualities of honesty and responsibility. And, I have a story to share. It was 2:24, one minute till Mincha. While everyone was rushing into the lunchroom to go pray, this friend was in the bathroom. The bell rang and it was 2:25. The praying teacher gave us a speech on how important punctuality is and how everyone should be on time for Mincha because it counted as a regular class and regular lateness. While all the girls were beginning to stand up to pray the Amidah my friend walked in. She was late. The praying teacher signaled to this girl to take her Siddur and sit by the table as opposed to chairs. This also meant that, at the end of the prayers, this girl would have to explain why she was late. After Mincha, the praying teacher went to her office forgetting to speak to my friend. I asked my friend if she wants to come to the school store with me. She said, “Yes.” But, first she has to go to the praying teacher’s office to explain why she was late. Her honesty is such a wonderful influence to everyone!

Sheila Matut

My friend is very honest. If she is late one day to class usually people would make up a story and all the girls in the class know it’s a lie. But this girl wouldn’t lie for her life. She is always honest and she tells the teacher what really happened. She is a good role model for me because one day, when she is older she will take her job seriously and will always be honest as can be. Her qualities are great because it can also help me when I am older and it could help me now to never text while my friends or parents are talking to me because I know how it feels.

Albert Saadia

A great example of honesty is when I am in class and I was talking to someone else and the teacher gets the other person in trouble. I can’t just make the other person get in trouble. I have to be honest and tell the teacher that it was me that was talking and I have to get in trouble instead of him.

Jimmie Shrem

When the teacher left the classroom, the boy screamed. The teacher heard it came in and asked, “Who screamed?” The boy said, “I did it.” Now, nobody will think of him as a dishonest boy.

Jacob Chera

We were playing baseball and one kid ran to first base. All the kids called him safe. The truth is that he was really out. He told his players he was out.

I think it would be good to hire him because he is honest. If you are honest, your boss will love you.