Stories on Honesty

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Alan Jemal

I have a good friend who is very truthful. I will tell you a story why I know this. David is one of my good friends. My friends and I were trying to get a game going. We invited David and he came to play football with us. I picked him on my team and there was this big play that changed the whole game. Robert (on the other team) threw a bomb to Jack that made them in the lead. David was taking defense of Jack and we were all fighting that there was am offensive passing interference. David got up and said, “I am saying the truth and he didn’t push me. Because of that honesty, they won the game. I came up to him and said, “That was really great what you said.” I think that it’s important that he is honest in business because lets’ say someone bought something from my company and they paid more than it cost. David will give it to the man who bought it. Now, that man will always buy from us because of David’ honesty.

Eddy Salameh Faraj

I have a friend who is a good person who I will hire to work for my family business. This person is a good person because if he has homework he will not stop until it’s done and correct. He is also hard working. When his father tells him to do something, he will not let his father work and he will do it all by himself. He is a person who can’t get something and memorize it easily. When he has a test, he will study from when his homework is finished until he goes to sleep. You could also count on him to come on time. Sometimes, he is even early for Shacharit, Mincha and Arbit. He can also be trustworthy. One time, I lost $50 and he looked for it. He found it and came all the way to my house to give it back.

Neil Shweky

I know someone who is very honest. I lent him money and I forgot about it. One day he came over and said that he owed me money. Then, I suddenly remembered it and said, “Oh yeah, you owe me two dollars, right?” “No, I owe you three dollars,” he said. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Wow, thanks. I forgot about it. Thanks for returning it to me.”

Aaron Kubie

My friend is a very honest person. One time, he was walking and he saw someone drop his wallet. He picked it up and gave it back to the person who dropped it.

Michael Chakkalo

My friend Joey is very honest. When we were at the store, the clerk gave a dollar extra to him. He gave it back. He also has a positive attitude. When I hurt him by mistake, he didn’t make a whole tantrum about it.

Solomon Levi

My friend is honest because he’ll admit if he cheated or not. He is also certain. He knows the right decisions to make. My friend also has courage. He’ll stand up for other kids who are being bullied or made fun on.

Nissim Khafif

My friend is very honest. Once we were playing basketball. We were about to win and he fouled the guy on the other team and nobody saw it but he admitted it. He said, “I fouled him. It’s their ball.”

Once, my cousin asked me for a charger and he said, “I’ll give it back to you next week.” So, the next week he told me couldn’t come. But, half an hour later he came just so he could give back the charger on time. That’s how reliable his.

Morris Zarif

One time, I was playing football at recess. Before the game, I saw my friend having a catch with another boy. This boy was so good. So, I picked him to be on my team. So, the first game I threw to him and he made the catch but then stopped. He said, “He got me.” He was very honest and I liked that. The rest of the game I threw to him and other players on the team. It looked like they all caught on to his honesty. It was very nice. The whistle blew, recess was over. We won the game and shook hands with the other team.

Charlie Zeitoune

My brother is very honest. Once my other brother said that he did his homework but really he didn’t. But this brother said the truth that he didn’t do his homework.

Eric Barsano

One time, I was playing a game and my friend lost but I wasn’t paying attention. He told me it was my turn. That’s honesty.

Michael Kassab

I have a friend and he is very honest. I was playing football with him. He caught the catch out of bounds. My team thought it was a touchdown. After that, he said, “Sorry, but I caught it out of bounds.” He wanted the game to be fair. He was very honest.