Positive Attitude

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Sarah Zeitoune

My friend, Norma, has a positive attitude. Whenever she is in a bad mood, like if she gets a bad mark on her test, she is not negative about it. She makes it like nothing happened and always brings so much joy.

Vivian Gindi

One day, a girl in my class made fun of my friend and said that my friend didn’t have nice hair. My friend felt bad for a second and then continued to be nice to everyone even the girl who made fun of her. She could’ve been offended; instead, she was kind and didn’t pay attention to what the girl said to her.

Ninette Salama

My friend got a bad grade on a test. She still had a positive attitude. She laughed and didn’t let that one grade ruin her day. Don’t let one thing let you down. Always have a positive attitude.

Tanya Bukai

It was time to get our math tests back. We were all very nervous. When we got our test back, I was smiling. I looked at my best friend, Sophia, and she looked really happy, too. I asked her, “What did you get? I got 100!” She said that she failed the test. I asked her why she was smiling. She said that it didn’t matter because there’s always next time. I was shocked by what she said. By recess, we were playing together and she acted like nothing happened. I couldn’t help but ask her why she was so happy. She said, “I am not happy, but I am not so mad. I am not going to let it bother me for the rest of the day. Now, come on, let’s play.” We played tag and had a great time, forgetting about our math test.

Louie Dweck

My friend, Bob, has a positive attitude. Even though he was sick and did badly on his test, he was still happy that day.

Abie Hassoun

One time, my friend and I were playing football and his ball got lost, but he kept his positive attitude. Then we were playing monopoly and soda spilled on his shirt, he still kept a positive attitude. I asked him, “How come you have such a positive attitude?” He said that, “Hashem gives me everything and you expect me to be sad over one or two small things?” I said, “That is a great way of looking at things.” After that, I look and appreciate everything Hashem gives me.

Frieda Haber

One time, in camp, it was a color war. My friend and I were on opposite teams. When my team won, she was happy and jumping. When I asked her why she said, “I’m happy because my friend won and I had fun and that’s all that matters.”

Victor Sardar

I think a good midah to learn is to be confident. You can find out if somebody is confident if they take risks and never give up. They would take risks because they would be confident to do something. They would never give up because they would think that they can’t lose. For example, it’s a halftime for a basketball game. Your team is losing 38-52. A confident person would say, “You shouldn’t give up.” That’s why I think it’s a good midah to have.

Sara Dweck

One day, a girl walked into school with a happy face. When she got to her math class, she got one of her quizzes back. She was not happy with her grade. She got a 62. She did feel bad inside but she didn’t show it. When she went to her next class, she tripped and fell on her hand. She ended up in the nurse’s office with a bad hand and a 62 on a math quiz. Apparently, this was not her day. When she got back, it was lunch time. She sat down and realized that she had forgotten her launch at home. Her friend sat down next to her, “Today is not your day,” she said. “What are you talking about?” “You got a bad grade in math, tripped and forgot your lunch.” “Oh well, that was in the morning. Hopefully, afternoon will be better.” She had a positive attitude. A positive person always sees the upside in every situation and never spreads a bad vibe.

Tali Chobara

Once a person went to a wedding and she spilled grape juice on her new gown. She wasn't upset that her new gown was sticky. She just thought about that some mothers have to go to work early and my mother could sit and have a breakfast together with me.