Positive Attitude Stories

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Ninette Smouha

Lisa was sitting on the swing alone. Becky said she needed a picture of her for their Best Friends book. Lisa was glad, because Becky was acting like she liked her, and Becky was cool. Two months later when she got the book she was blocked out of all the photos and her swing picture was nowhere in it. She was about to ask why and thought, “If I scream why I might get kicked out of the cool group.” She told Becky, “Wow, you look great.” She got a text that night, “You are a loser.” The next day Lisa went back to her old friends and said, “I wasn’t happy with those cool people, I missed the fact that I couldn’t be myself.” Just like Lisa realized she should be happy being herself, we have to realize, you shouldn’t hang out with the cool kids to be cool, or buy expensive gadgets and clothes to look “in”. You should hang out with people who like you for yourself not for your iphone. And you are probably going to be happier that way.

Sabrina Abrahim

As technology is advancing and trends are changing it becomes harder for a person to be happy with their own possession. You walk into a school and a girl has a new bracelet or a new pair of shoes. The next day half of the grade has the same pair of shoes. The Torah says, “Who is the one that’s rich?” The answer is, “The person who is happy with what he has.” Unfortunately, not many people are on this level of happiness. As of the year of 2012, the iphone 4S is on the market. After months of the phone being available, 80% of the grade owned an iphone 4S. It’s ok and normal for someone to see what their friend has and want it. However there is no end to what a person wants. So sit down and ask yourself, “Do I like this skateboard? Do I even know how to skateboard or do I want it because all my friends have it? Does this gadget even bring me pleasure or happiness? At the end of the day your iphone or Mac isn’t going to bring full happiness.

Goldie Perlowitz Ahuva’s sister wanted to borrow Ahuva’s new favorite shirt because she had a Bat Mitzvah in 15 minutes. So Ahuva said, “Ok, fine. But be very careful not to ruin it.” After about 3 hours her sister came home from the Bat Mitzvah. Ahuva saw 3 stains on her new favorite shirt that her sister borrowed. How should Ahuva react?

Ahuva should say to her sister, “It’s ok. It’s very hard to be by a Bat Mitzvah and not get your clothes dirty. I’ll get another shirt like this and, if not, then this is what Hashem wanted.

Yehudis Kahan Sara sat in dance class watching her two neighbors dance along with the dance teacher. Why couldn’t she do those gymnastic moves with them? Why do they get solos and she does not? But wait, she also has something they don’t have. A talent that she is good at is tap dancing. Does it really matter what she doesn’t have? No, because what makes her happy is what really matters. The next time dance class came around, Sara’s dance teacher came over to her and asked her to tap dance by herself. Sara realized that everyone has different talents. Happiness is something everlasting. It’s not going to Florida for a week and going to Los Angeles another week. Happiness is things that mean something to you. For example: the Torah, your family, your feelings, etc. A new pair of shoes or winning a game means something for those few minutes. But, then the happiness dies away and there is nothing left. So, don’t get jealous from someone else’s talent or toy. Think about what happiness really is and you’ll feel like a new person.

Isaac Alboucai

I think the most important inner quality is to have a positive attitude. For example my friend had a really bad day in school. During his first period he lost recess. During the recess, he was in the principal’s office. During the next period, he got his test back and found out that he got 73% and was very unhappy with his grade. Then, they posted the basketball team list and he learned that he didn’t make it. The end of the day came and his friend was kicked out of the class and failed for the trimester. Even though the boy himself was having a rough day, he went to his friend’s teacher and defended his friend. This showed that, even though he was having a terrible day, he had a positive attitude and helped his friend.

Joshua Sabbagh

One character trait I admire is having a positive attitude. I think this is a good trait because whenever you are with that happy and fun person you will be a happier person.

Robert Anderson

I think that having a positive attitude is a very important trait to have. If someone has a positive attitude he will never give up on a situation and will look at a bad situation in a good way. Let’s say there is a guy who works for a business and the business goes out of business. He could look at it as if his life is over and he will become poor or he can look at it like he will find a new job and maybe even a better job.

Avrom Lemontee

My friend really wanted his parents to buy him this game. His mom said only if he gets 5 100’s on tests in a row. He got 4 then he got a 40. He was upset. Then he got a positive attitude and said, “It’s ok, maybe next time.”

Rayomond Massry

My friend has a really positive attitude. Every time you make fun of somebody, he would come over and say calmly, “Don’t bother him, please. Everyone has feelings including you.” And help him think what it would be like if he got made fun of and he would apologize.