Positive Attitude Story

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Terri Saka

The bus was beeping and Leah was rushing to catch the bus. When she got outside, the bus already left. Leah was running so fast that she tripped in the mud. She just shook it off and she caught up to the bus. When she got to school, someone was making fun of her. Leah pretended like she didn’t hear it. In math, she got her test back and she got 65%. She was very mad on the inside but on the outside she still had her positive attitude. The rest of the day she was happy on the inside and outside. This shows when someone is having a bad day you can stay in a bad mood on the inside but always be happy on the outside. What do you know? Your day might just get better.

Pearly Hanono

Once, my friend was in a horrible mood because she got a bad grade. Everyone was trying to get her in a good mood. No one liked to see her upset. During lunch, she thought to herself, “Wow, look how many people care about me. Look how many people want to make me feel good.” So she thought to herself one bad grade can’t affect me or my life. That one bad grade is like a wake up call to say, “Try harder.” So, she immediately got in a good mood and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Sari Kassin

There was a girl named Lori. One day, she woke up early in the morning to make her bus for school. She put on her uniform and went downstairs. But, as she was walking down the steps, she fell and hurt her leg. She got up and went to eat her breakfast. As she opened the cabinet, she realized that her favorite breakfast wasn’t there. She said to herself, “it’s ok I will eat something else.” When she got to school, she realized that she was having a test that day and she forgot to study. She thought to herself, “Everything happens for a reason. I will probably do a good job anyway.” By thinking positive all the time you will be happier.

Rose Mishaan

The quality I think is the most important is having a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude anything can get done. For example, if it’s raining outside and you wanted to go to the park, a positive person would say, “We’ll get out boots and jump in the puddles instead.” Even though it wasn’t what was planned, they still made the best out of it. If there aren’t enough supplies for the project, then think of another way to get it done. With a positive attitude, you can get the job done.

Jack Gabbay

I think that a positive attitude is a good quality so if a customer doesn’t buy anything he won’t be upset. So, he won’t ruin the chance of the next customer buying something.

David Laniado

Someone who has a business and it’s not been doing well and he still has a positive attitude even though everything has not been doing well for him. He still is being productive and working hard and showing effort that he will not give up. A saying is, “When someone pitches you a curve ball in life you have to adjust your swing.” Which means: when everything is not going your way in life, there is going to be tough times in life and that’s when you can really see when someone is fit for the job or other situations. When times are tough, and he still puts in the effort and doesn't give up.

Isaac Alboucai

I think the most important inner quality is to have a positive attitude. For example my friend had a really bad day in school. During his first period he lost recess. During the recess, he was in principal’s office. During the next period, he got his test back and found out that he got 73% and was very unhappy with his grade. Then, they posted the basketball team list and he learned that he didn’t make it. The end of the day came and his friend was kicked out of the class and failed for the trimester. Even though the boy himself was having a rough day, he went to his friend’s teacher and defended his friend. This showed that, even though he was having a terrible day, he had a positive attitude and helped his friend.