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Violette Levi

My friend borrowed my clothes since hers got wet. She forgot to return them the next day. So her mom dropped them off at my house at 12 am. This shows she is very responsible.

Allison Harari

One day I left my notes in school. The next day we had a big test. I called my friend and told her that I didn’t have my notes. She gave it to me on the phone. She gave me all the notes that we needed to know and she didn’t complain at all.

Isaac Smouha

My friend is very reliable. When we went on a school trip, I needed money and I was asking so many people for money and he was the only one who game me money.

Harry Schneps

Two days before the last day of school I let someone borrow $5. Unfortunately I was sick on the last day of school. Everyone went to Deal. I was going the next day. He came back to Brooklyn to pay me the $5 and then went straight to deal.

Gloria Catton

My friend is reliable. One time she borrowed money from me. She wrote it down and the second she got home she put it in her bag to give it to me the next day. Most people would just forget about it and move on. But she showed that she is reliable.

Esther Sasson

We had to do a science project together and I had asked her to remind me to buy some supplies for the project. I knew I was going to forget. The day we were getting to do the project, she called me in the morning to remind me to bring the supplies. This shows how reliable she is.

Nissim Khafif

Once, my cousin asked me for a charger and he said, “I’ll give it back to you next week.” So, the next week he told me couldn’t come. But, half an hour later he came just so he could give back the charger on time. That’s how reliable his.