Stories on Reliability

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Teddy Laniado

My friend is reliable. If I forget homework by his house, I can count on him to bring it so I won’t get a detention. He always does things like that

Nessim Cohen

My friend is very reliable. I always let him borrow stuff and he gives it back to me exactly how I gave it to him.

Morris Mamiye

One day, I wasn’t feeling so well. I had to stay home. I was worried that I’ll miss all the new material. After school day was over, I called up my friend, Jack, to find out the homework. He felt bad that I missed school so he offered me to come to his house to learn everything. I came over and he taught me everything I missed. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve failed my quizzes. He’s a great and caring friend.

Edgar Chkalo

One time, I gave my friend a brand new book. He kept it for three weeks because he is a slow reader. Then, he finally brought it back and it was in the same condition that it was when I bought it which proves that he is a responsible person.

Jack Gabbay

I think that reliability is a good quality because if the business owner is sick and he leaves you in charge, you have to tell him how much money you made and not keep it to yourself or else you are not reliable.

Lauren Shamah

My friend had a book that I wanted to read. She told me I could borrow it only if I bring it back next week. I returned it and now she lets me borrow things all the time because she knows that I am reliable.