Jewish Family Values

Middah Column by Rosie Bawabeh

Hopefully from now on in every upcoming magazine we will have this column. We want everyone to read it and work on that middah till the next magazine comes out. We will also be offering this column on On the website you can also give personal stories about middot given and whichever story is the most influential will be published in the next magazine and on the website!

Middot is a way of life. And it’s our job to try to work on our middot to be better Jews and gaining the ultimate happiness.

The meaning of middah is measurement; It shows us that we need to have the right measurement of each middah. Just like a chef making a dish, He has to have the exact measurement of all the ingredients to make it perfect. Because, If it has even too much salt the dish won’t come out as tasty. Just like Middot we have to make sure we have the exact measurements to each middah to become a better person. They say to change a bad middah is so hard but, it is our responsibility to work hard so we can do it. One thing we have to learn before learning any middot is, we have to learn how to work on them one at a time. Because, if we work on them all together nothing will get done, we have to work on it till we become experts and move on to the next one. When working on middot we have to learn to always think before we act and let our wisdom control our desires. Every middah to an excess is not good for us. We have to learn how to balance each correctly. Some middot are instilled within like a family trait or due to our surroundings for example if your whole community does hesed you will learn as well. We have to work on all our bad traits because if we don't work on them sooner or later they will become worse. We really have to attain the knowledge needed to fix our middot. And by reading this column, going to classes asking your rabbi is the way you should take. We need to set our selves a goal of what we want to be and what path we should take.

Stay tunned for next weeks first middah...