Stories of Torah Values

There was once a boy named Jim. He was new to our class. Everyone made fun of him by the way he dressed. Jim wore collars other kids didn’t. They would always call him four eyes because he had glasses. Another kid, Larry, used to be bullied like that. Larry said to Jim, “I used to be bullied like that. But you shouldn’t let them do that. Stand up for yourself. Say, “I am not scared. Maybe I am new and don’t wear your kind of clothes. That’s who I am. Back off.” Jim said, “Thank you” and went to the bullies and said exactly what Larry told him to. The bullies backed off and didn’t bother him again.

Carolyn Kassin

I was the most popular girl in school and I wanted to have a birthday party. I did not know who to invite so I invited the cool kids. Then I saw one girl who was very shy and did not talk much so I invited her to my house. She was a very fun girl. So, I invited her to my party and I told the whole class to be nice to her.

Esther Kishk

One afternoon, on the first day of school, everybody was talking about a girl’s Bat Mitzvah. Everybody was so excited. There was going to be a chocolate fountain. Everybody was going except for one girl. I asked my friend, “Why wasn’t she invited.” My friend answered, “Because she is poor.” I told my friend, “Why should you leave her out? She should still have fun with us.” My friend invited her. The new girl turned out to be so smart and very nice. She always helped out.

Ninette Salama

There is a girl on my bus. She is in 6th grade. She never lets anyone sit next to her. So, I told her, “You know it’s not fair. You should let everyone sit.” So she said, “No. Why should I? Everyone is always so mean to me.” I said, “You know what? You should tell people to please stop.” So, one day a girl came and said, “You are so weird.” So, she said, “Please stop. That’s not very nice.” And she stopped. Girl sitting by herself on the bus

Patty Shrem

My friend and I were sitting at lunch table. The shy new girl came up to me and asked me if she could sit with me. My friend told me, “No way. That kid is way too weird.” So, I told me friend, “Why can’t she sit. She is new. She might be a little weird, but let’s give her a chance. Maybe she is really nice and friendly and funny.” My friend said, “Ok. But if she is a weird person, then we are never talking to her again.” In lunch, this girl got comfortable and she started talking and turned out to be a really nice person. From that day on, this girl was at our lunch table.

Bella Douek

Molly is having a party. She invited the whole class but Gina. I told her, “Did you like it when Susan invited every girl in the class except for you?” Molly said, “No.” I said, “Do you want to make someone feel like that?” She said, “ No.” I told her, “Then invite Gina. It will make her happy.”

Sophia Cohen

My friends and I were playing a game. We were making teams. Shelly and I were captains and Giselle was not good at this game. Every time we played, she got picked last. I told Shelly let’s try to make her better at the game and teach her how to play and maybe she will be very good after we teach her. Shelly agreed. So, it happened and she was the best and everybody wanted her on their team.

Mary Salem

It was the first day of school and there was a new girl from Canada and she was shy and didn’t know anyone. Her name was Linda. There was club and everyone was making fun of her because she had a little problem when she talks. Linda also has an accent and looks different because she is from Canada. I was watching and she was about to cry. I couldn’t take it anymore so I said, “Guys, it’s really not nice.” They all laughed at me. The next day, I invited her over and then I told the other girls,” You know Linda is very nice and I don’t know how you are not her friend.” They believed me and we are all best friends now.

Rosie Zohana

Sophia is having a party. Rochelle’s new in the school. Sophia wants to invite her class except for Rochelle. “It’s not fair,” said Rochelle crying to me. “You know what,” I said, thinking to myself.” I want to go to the party Wait! But, that’s not nice that Sophia is going to feel bad. That’s it, I know! I am going to Sophia.” “Sophia, how would you feel if I didn’t invite you to my party and invited everybody else in our class?” “Well you are right. Give this invitation to Rochelle right now.”

Viviane Shama