True bullying stories

Marilyn Suede

One day, Sari and Lilly were playing basketball. Sarah came up to them. She said, “Can I join you?” Lilly said to Sari, “I saw her play two years ago and she is a horrible player. Tell her no.” Sari saw Sarah starting to cry. Sari told Sarah, “Come on play with us.” Then she stopped crying. Sari told Lilly, “If you don’t want her to play, then you don’t have to play with us.” Then, Lilly, told Sarah that she was sorry and they all played together.

Sarah Chami

There was a new girl in our school. She was not so smart. The teacher was asking questions about Navi. That girl tried answering one of the questions but she got the wrong answer. Everyone was laughing so hard. The girl got so embarrassed that her face got red. After class was finished, I went to those girls and said, “You know you’re making it like you never got an answer wrong.” And they said, “Yes we did. But, not a hilarious answer like that.” I said, “But at least she tried to answer.”

Sara Gindi

I know a girl, her name is Francine and she is a quiet girl with no friends. She always tries to socialize. Every time she comes near someone, they say, “She is fat,” and they embarrass her. When it’s lunch, they don’t let her sit near them. But, one girl came and said, “Enough is enough.” She said all the good things about Francine. Now, she is so popular but she knows not to embarrass anyone and she includes anyone she sees alone. It is not good to embarrass people because you are required to find the good in people.

Danielle Sutton

There is a girl that is always left out. Her name is Jane. One day, this popular girl named Raquel said to Jane, “Your outfit is so ugly!” Jane was crying. A different girl, Rochelle, went over to Raquel and said, “Your outfit is ugly.” She did it so Jane would feel better. Raquel felt bad for what she said and said, “Sorry” to Jane.

Rachel Gammal

Once there was a girl. She came from a different school. She was smart and shy. The whole class made fun of her and she started to cry. So I told everyone not to make fun of her. I went over to her. I told her, “Don’t worry.” She started to talk and it made her happy to know that someone was by her side.

Esther Shalam

One time, my friend, Gloria, asked if people could come over to her house. A lot of people lied and said, “I can’t my mom will not let.” She asked me and I said, “I will ask my mom and tell you tomorrow.” The next day, I said, “I can come.” The next day, I went to her house. We had a lot of fun. Friday came, and I asked if she wanted to come over. She said, “Ok.” But, I didn’t tell anyone that she was coming over because then they would not come over. That day, everybody came over and saw that Gloria was there. They asked me why she was over. I told them, “Trust me, you will have fun.” At the end, they all had the best time. They said that I was right. Gloria is a lot of fun.

Adina Edery

One day we had library. We went down stairs and we sat on the carpet. Linda, the librarian said, “Anna, why don’t you read.” So she said, “I can’t, because I don’t know how.” So a girl in Anna’s class screamed, “You are so weird, who doesn’t know how to read in 6th grade?!” Then Anna’s friend said, “So what she doesn’t know how to read?! What if you didn’t know how to read?”

Stephanie Franco

If you buy cookies for the class and there is one girl who is mean to you. You don’t want to give her a cookie. You see everyone is looking at her not having a cookie. So, you go over to her and say, “The cookie is good, no one wants to miss out.” And you give her a cookie as well.

Diana Hoffstein

One day, Dona wasn’t feeling well. A bunch of girls in her class didn’t want to sit next to her because they thought she would throw up on them. Dona felt so bad she just wanted to go home. Samantha saw this and sat next to her and talked to her all day. Dona felt good and was happy that she had a new friend.

Esther Sasson

I know a girl and someone was making fun of her. She was one of my best friends. Someone was being mean to her. I went over there and said, “Why are you being mean to her. You don’t even know her. You are just going to judge her by the way she looks.” She kept teasing both of us. So, the next day I went up to her and said, “Why are you mean to everyone? You don’t know them. You never saw them. Why are you mean?” The next day, she came up to me and said, “I am sorry.” I said back, “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to everyone you hurt!” She did and she became one of my best friends. We all had a good time together.

Bonnie Tawil

There was a quiet girl named Raquel and a spoiled popular girl who I was friends with named Rebecca. We were making a skit and Rebecca said, “I am a better singer than you, I should be lead.” Raquel started crying and I ran to her and said, “You are a great singer. You are better than me.” And she was happy again. Just because she won’t stick up for herself, it doesn’t mean nobody else should.

Madeline Dana

One day in school, everyone in my class had these cool pens. But, one of the girls in my class was very quiet and humble and no one included her. She didn’t have the cool pen. She was a little poor and she didn’t want anyone to know that she was poor. So, she didn’t have the money for the pen. So she wouldn’t get laughed at by the popular girl, I gave her my pen and I saw a smile on her face brighten up.

Fatima Blanco

One time, my friend and I were in shul. There was this girl watching us. She looked like a sweet girl and quiet. She didn’t have anyone to play with. I said, “Hi, do you want to play with us?” She said, “Ok.”. She was so shy but the end she was happy.