Short stories with moral values

On Friday everyone was making plans after school. Carol invited everyone except for one girl. This girl, Danielle, was watching her invite them and she wished she was invited. She pretended that she didn’t notice them and put her books in her locker. One of the girls who was invited saw the girl who was about to cry. She told Carol, who was inviting everyone, than she saw that Danielle felt bad and asked if she could invite her. She told her secretly so she wouldn’t embarrass her. Carol said, “No. I don’t like her, she is weird.” So the girl who told Carol said, “Ok. So may be next week we’ll make plans.” She went over to Marilyn and invited her over. They ended up having a very fun time.

Ruthie Gindi

Someone is inviting everyone to their house to play a game of kickball. I noticed that she forgot to say one girl’s name on the list. I saw the girl waiting for her name to be called. Everyone was going to notice that she was left out. I ran to the girl who was calling out the names and told her quietly that she left out someone. She told me “Thank you” And added the girl to one of the teams. Now, the girl wasn’t embarrassed and she has a great time playing kickball.

Linda Guindi

Once there was a girl who everyone made fun of because she was so perfect. She loves school and she doesn’t care about anything but getting a good grade. One day a girl made a sleepover and everyone was talking about it and everyone said, “You’re not invited, you are a big looser. Why would you be invited?”

I saw her feel very bad and she was always so embarrassed to tell her mom. After school she would cry every night. So one night I called her and said, “Do you want to have our own sleeppver?” She said, “Yes.” So we made sleepovers. Then everyone made fun of me because I stayed with her, but I didn’t care. We were good friends and we ignored everyone.

Francine Manopla

We were outside for recess and everyone was playing a game. One girl came and said, “Can I play?” they all said, “No.” I said, “Why should you be allowed to play and not her?” no one answered. Since then she never felt left out again.

Carol Sabbagh

My friend and I went to the bathroom during lunch. She had just come out of the stall. We had washed out hands and are leaving to go back to the lunchroom. Suddenly I realized that her skirt was caught in her underwear. I had stopped her just before she had walked in the lunchroom and I told her about her skirt and she pulled it down. I had saved her from total embarrassment.

Natalie Mizrahi

One time this girl had a problem with her mouth and she couldn’t pronounce some letter. Every time she spoke in the class, everybody started laughing at her and she got embarrassed. But one time a few girls made a plan not to laugh and then everybody will see that they are not laughing and they will not laugh. The girls did their plan but at first it didn’t work. Then all the people saw that they had blank faces and they weren’t laughing, so everybody saw what they were doing and they stopped laughing. The girl felt much better and was not afraid to speak in public anymore! This helped her social life too.

Michelle Zalta

A group of girls are making fun of one girl about how she looked, even though it was just her bad hair day. I looked back and saw this happening. I told people that I want to mess up our hair and make ourselves look like a mess. We went to the group that was making fun of that girl and asked if they liked how we looked. The girl being made fun of had a big smile because we all looked crazy and the mean group doesn’t have enough insults to insult all of us and had to give up.

Stephanie Dweck