Short stories on values

Aaron Harari

Someone has learning problem. The student failed a test again. Later the kid said out loud, “Do you have learning problems?” and everybody laughed. I would help him by saying “You make it like you don’t have any problems.” This is how I would help him.

Neil Shweky

Once, my sister asked me if I wanted to play ping pong. I said, “Yes.” Then, I saw my little brother who was doing nothing. So I told my sister, “I’ll only play if my little brother can plan next or else I wouldn’t play.”

Meyer Kassin

One day, a boy went to school and he got braces. He looked very ugly in braces. Everyone laughed at him. There was a boy who said, “Everyone, he is the first person to get braces. I think that is so cool!” Everyone agreed and no one made fun of him anymore.

Jacob Shouela

A kid fell on the floor. Kids start laughing and embarrassed him. But then a kid comes and helps him up and then explains why it’s not funny.

Joey Dweck

I was watching my Rabbi give out a test. I saw a boy get back a test and start crying. When another boy asked him what he got, another boy said, “Oh, he got half of my grade!” When my Rabbi heard that, he switched their grades around.

Shlomo Cohen

When my cousins and I always do something we always leave my cousin out. I always tell my other cousins, “Let’s go pick him up and take him with us.” They say, “No.” And, he really wanted to come. One day, I went to my left out cousin’s house first and then got all my other cousins. They were all happy and laughing because he was making jokes. Now all of my cousins do something all together.

Eddy Salameh

I once went to a birthday party and I saw one kid that is shy and people were making fun of him a lot. He didn’t get any candy and other kids were showing off their candy to him. So, I went up to him and shared with him and everyone saw me do that so they shared too. After that, everyone had an equal amount of candy and they stopped making fun of him.

Joe Faham

One time I was with all of my friends. We wanted to play a game. There was an odd amount of people and the game you could only play with an even amount of people. They said, “Somebody is not going to play.” I said, “I won’t play so the other kid could play instead.

Morris Mamiye

There was a kid named Steve. His best friend was a popular kid named Michael. Once, Michael figured out Steve’s biggest secret. He still watches “Dora the Explorer.” This may sound normal, but Steve is a college kid. When Michael figured this out, he spread a huge rumor. In school, all of Steve’s friends were making fun of him. Steve was very upset. Days later, a quiet boy named Jim saw Steve crying. He felt very bad. He had an idea. Jim started to make a new rumor that Steve never watched the show. A few days later, Steve was so happy. He stopped being friends with Michael and was friends with Jim instead. He thought that he would rather have a shy and nice friend than a mean but popular friend.

Michael Catton

There was a kid who asked a silly question and everyone laughed. To stop him form getting embarrassed, I would ask a different sillier question. Then everyone would laugh at me and not the kid. That’s how I would stop him from getting embarrassed.

Jacob Chera

We were playing baseball and it was a tie at the end of the game. One kid, who was the best out of all of us, was up with 2 outs. He hits a high pop, the kid misses the ball, and the other team won. Everybody said he was very bad and he can’t catch a ball. Then I came up and said, “It wasn’t his fault. The sun was in his eyes.” Then everyone stopped.

Robert Beyda

I was organizing teams in recess football and there is a kid who is not good at football. I put him on a better team so he does better now.

Albert Sitt

There was a shy kid named David. David was on our team in basketball. The score was 57-55 the other team was winning. There were 5 seconds left. I had the ball, I passed it to David, and he shot it and missed. Everyone was screaming at him and I said, “Don’t worry. We’ll win the next time. It’s just a game.”

Elliot Akerman

If you have a friend who gets a bad grade on a test and he doesn’t want to show the grade to his friend, you can say, “You don’t have to show him if you don’t want to. Nobody needs to know.”

David Hedaya

If my friend was asking another kid for his grade, I would tell my friend that test grades are private and it can be an embarrassment. I would say it in a polite way so the kid who is asking what the grade was is not embarrassed. I would also tell him that he would not want anyone looking at his test paper.

Alan Jemal

When I am on one of the teams and my friend is picking teams, I always see some kids who are just sitting waiting to get picked and I feel very sorry for them. I have a friend, Steven, who isn’t so good at sports. I always try to help and teach him. I hear people making fun of him and I say, “Why do you have to call him names all the time because he misses the catch or the shot?” I told Steven to come to my house on Sunday. On Sunday, he came over and asked me, “Why did you tell me to come over?” I said, “I hate the way people are making fun of you because you miss the shots.” So, that Sunday Steven and I were practicing. On Monday he was playing football with us. My friends and I saw how much better he was and no longer did anyone call him names.