Stories with moral values

There was a spelling bee in class and everyone took turns spelling words. My best friend was a very good speller and it wasn’t possible for her to misspell a word but she didn’t know a couple of words. If my best friend misspells a word everyone will laugh so she made sure she knew it all. The last two people were me and my best friend. I didn’t want her to be embarrassed, so I misspelled a word on purpose because I knew if she lost everyone will laugh and she will cry.

Sara Tawil

There was a girl names Liz and another named. Stacy. Stacy had to be the perfect one who had to wear the prettiest clothes everyday. Liz also wore pretty things, but not as pretty as Stacy. So one day Liz was walking into school and saw Stacy was with 3 friends. Stacy said to Liz, “Wow! What are you wearing? That’s the ugliest things, right girls?” The girls said, “No. It’s actually pretty. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it” and walked away from Stacy. Till today Stacy regrets what she said because now she has no friends.

Sonia Dweck

One day a girl was excluded by everyone. Someone tripped her and all her lunch fell on her. Several girls teased her, bothered her and even made her cry. I told my friends, that we should let her sit with us. My friends then started to laugh, so I went and asked the girl if she wanted to sit with me at a different table. The girl’s frown turned into a big smile. When I sat with her she told me how she felt. I felt really bad for her. Then when my friends saw me sitting with her and not them, they all got up and came to sit with us. A few days alter we all realized that this girl was just like us. So we all became friends.

Danielle Franco

When my friends and I were playing dodge ball, we had captains to choose, who would be on which team. Sophia was picked last and you could see that on her face she was a little sad, but not surprised. When she got the ball she would always give it to someone else to throw. I felt bad for her and decided to do something about it. I threw the ball towards her making sure I threw it lightly. I wanted her to catch it and get me out. She caught it and everyone was cheering because I am a good player. After that she felt great and had the confidence to throw the ball and she turned out to be great!

Victoria Gindi