Stories written by kids

Adele Zaga

There was once a time when I was in 6th grade and my friends started picking on 5th graders. I found out and told them to stop because they are also people and we hated it when the former 6th grader did it to us. They hesitated to stop but then they realized what they were doing and felt bad and stopped. This shows that when you are doing something bad think about how you felt or would feel if it ever happened to you.

Jeanie Schrem

Someone walked up to my friend and I while we were eating lunch. She wanted to sit with us and my friend said, “No.” I got sad and felt bad for the girl. So, I called her name and told her to come sit. My friend was very angry and was telling me to make the girl leave I said, “No. Why should I? That’s not nice. She is a very nice girl. Why can’t you just let her sit?” My friend finally agreed and the girl sat down. The next day, my friend said, “Tell her to sit with us today, I really liked her.” That day at lunch she sat with us and my friend told her to come over later. Now, we are all best friends.

Helen Menashe

One day, someone was commenting how her shirt looked ugly and childish. She sat quietly like she simply didn’t care. I saw that she was upset. So, I got up and asked the “Bully” if I could talk to her quietly. She agreed and I told her she was hurting this girl’s feelings. She honestly didn’t realize and felt so bad. She said she was only doing it as a joke; she ran to my friend, gave her a hug and apologized. That “Bully” never made fun of anyone ever again.

There was a girl with a different taste of style. She would wear what she wanted and many times people would comment sarcastically on her clothes. I personally like that person. She is very nice and people tend to judge her on her appearance. Although people judge her it doesn’t change her opinion about anyone else. She is an amazing friend.

Esther Sitt

One time my teacher was handing back tests and almost half of the class got over the 90’s. When my friend Renee got hers back, she looked at it, folded it and put it in her backpack. I could tell she got a bad grade. I felt really bad for her especially when Julie was begging her to see it. Julie said, “I know you couldn’t get less than 85.” Renee cried all over again. I walked up to Julie and said, “Leave her alone. It doesn’t matter what she got. It’s not a competition; the grade she got is her s to tell if she wants to. You don’t have to see it.” Julie got really mad at me but she left Renee alone. Renee was very grateful.

Virginia Dweck

A girl in our class gets made fun of all the time. But she never realizes it. Even though she doesn’t realize or do anything about it, a few of my friends and I stand up for her and include her in what we do even if others don’t. In this situation I would say, “Guys you are being mean. What did she do to you?” But, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t listen. But, that’s okay because we try and she feels good that we stand up for her and include her.

Ruthie Mosseri

A new kid was in class today. She seemed different. Everyone was talking about her and she looked shy and worried. At lunch time, Rachel went over to the new girl and started talking to her. She had an English accent and people at the other table were laughing. Rachel went over to them because they happened to be her friends. She stood up for this girl and told them how they were obnoxious.

Joy Laniado

I once saw the ‘popular kids’ poking ‘weird’ kid during lunch. You saw the girl’s face as she wanted to cry like crazy, but wanted to be strong. I stood up and told the ‘popular kids’, “What’s the point? Should I come and poke you while you are eating?” The girls said sorry and actually sat with her during lunch.

Rebecca Zami

If there is a kid who wants to sit with you and your friends during lunch, you should invite him. If he is a kid that’s not welcomed there, you should say something. You need to stand up for this kid because he didn’t do anything wrong. If your friends don’t realize that, then they are not such great people. You have to say something like, “Stop. Did this poor kid do anything wrong to you? It won’t kill you to let him be included. He is just another student like all of us. You aren’t superior to anyone here. We are all equal.” If that doesn’t work, then they obviously aren’t good friends.

Judy Chalouh

There was a new girl that came to our school. The second she came in the room people started gossiping about her. I went up and greeted her to our school. People made fun of her because she looked and dressed differently. I became her friend and introduced her to other people. They became friends. I made her open up and now she can make her own friends and I am proud of her. She came and I helped her open up and she had friends and is no longer made fun of.

Merle Cohen

It was one Shabbat afternoon when my friend and I walked up to my house. We came in and started looking at some old pictures. My shyest friend had a picture in the album. When the girls saw the picture, they all started laughing. I saw that she was getting very embarrassed. So, I quickly found a picture of all of us and we all looked crazy. I brought it out and I showed that all of us are going to look crazy sometimes. My friend realized that and they brought the shy girl in to the conversation.

Sara Shalam

When there is a new kid in class, I try to make her feel welcomed by introducing myself and introducing her to everyone. I try to tell them a little bit about the school, teachers, and kids. I make her feel comfortable in class and I invite her to sit with me and my friends at lunch. After a couple of months she is comfortable and happy.