Inspirational kids stories

My class was about to take a test and the person next to me was very scared so he didn’t want to take the test because he thought he was going to fail. I told him to overcome his fear and that ‘one who takes risks lives forever but one who doesn’t take risks does not live at all.’

Teddy Shamma

Once there was a kid crying. I asked him, "What happened?" He said, "A 9th grade student was bullying me." So, I told the 9th grader, "Why are you bullying him? Do you like it, if someone bullyed you?" I made that kid feel better and bought him candy and a drink.

David Bendayan

One day someone came over to me and said, “You are so bad at sports.” So I got really embarrassed. But then I said, “I bet you, I can beat you in any sports.” We played and I beat him. He never said it again.

Harry Falack

Eli Aballi

You are sitting on a bus and a boy is getting made fun of. You could go there and say, “Why are you bothering him? What did he do to you? Leave him alone!”

Richie Ayal

If you are playing any sport and there is a kid that is not so good, it doesn’t mean you don’t pass to him. If you pass to him and he misses, it’s ok. Just continue, don’t embarrass him in front of everyone it’s not nice. Let’s say he scores the shot and he wins the game, you see anything could happen. Just trust them and pass. You never know what could happen it’s all about trying.

Solomon Kamkaji

You are playing football and there are nine kids so they were going to have a four and four. Your friend was left out and you felt bad for him. You make believe you are hurt and say you can’t play. Then you offer to put your friend that was left out in the game. So now you made your friend feel happy and you feel even better.