Stories of moral values

Solly Mosseri

Once, at lunch, there was a kid and nobody would let him have some orange juice and they made fun of him. I asked my friend to pass me the orange juice and my friend gave the orange juice and I poured the shy kid up to the top. I asked him if he is ok and got him a seat next to me. We made some friend to play with him and to protect him from the kids that were mean to him in school.

Once, in class, we got a test back and a kid in my class failed and hid his test. Then another kid snuck and screamed out, “This kid got 27%.” Everybody started laughing and then I came and cheered him up and made him happy. I made him laugh with me about something funny.

Aaron Ishay

I once saw a person that has a hard time playing football. One day, I taught him how to catch a ball. Everyone thinks it takes so long but it really doesn’t. I also taught him how to throw a ball. Even though he can’t throw a ball so far, I let him be the quarterback. He gave a few short passes and we ended up winning that game. That was impressive because it was only his second say and our team for in the payoffs. We were in second place all because of the kid I taught how to throw and catch. At the end of the season we got in the finals and won it.

Solomon Levi

It is not fair when someone doesn’t get to play. Other kids don’t let him play because they think he is bad. But they never saw him play. One day he was playing in his house and those kids were passing by and saw him playing. They saw that he was good so they deiced to let him play.

Teddy Laniado

I was playing basketball and there were a lot of people and one person was not allowed to play. I said, “If he doesn’t play, I won’t play either.” They really wanted me to play so they let both of us play. I knew from the beginning that he was good but they didn’t know it. In the middle of the game, nobody was passing to him so I kept on passing to him. Now they pick him first for the team.

Morris Salameh

My friend was playing baseball with a older kid and he was loosing 69 to 1. The older kid was making fun of him. So, I told the 6th grader that he better not make fun of my friend because he himself wasn’t good in baseball. I started to help my friend so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. We ended up winning 100 to 65. My friend was so happy.

Daniel Segev

After school, Danny made an announcement: “Everybody is invited to my party.” Marc got excited and everybody made a line to get an invitation. When it was Marc’s turn to get an invitation Danny said, “You are not invited weirdo!” Everybody laughed at him. But a popular kid said, “If he is not going then I am not going.” And Danny invited Marc to his party.