stories written by teens

Jennifer Tricot

One day, everybody needed to be in groups for a project. There was a girl that didn’t have a group. The whole class was making fun of her and pointing and laughing. So, my group decided not to make fun of her and we let her into out group. Then, everyone stopped making fun of her.

Sheila Mishan

One day, Gayle was sitting alone at the lunch table. The popular girls walked by her and were about to spread a rumor that she has no friends. Then my friends and I ran up to her and started giggling with her and talking with her. I was so happy that we proved the popular people wrong and we made a new friend.

Elizabeth Setton

Rebecca was a new girl in school. Sara was one of the mean girls. Sara wanted to find a way to embarrass Rebecca. So, Sara and her clique decided to go over to Rebecca and tell her tomorrow is Pajama Day. Rebecca came to school the next day wearing her teddy pajamas. Sara saw this and announced on the loud speaker that Rebecca was wearing pajamas. Rebecca ran to the bathroom. Nadine knew this was very wrong and ran after her to the bathroom. Nadine and Rebecca walked out of the bathroom together. Nadine told Rebecca to ignore everyone. This made Rebecca feel so good. Rebecca and Nadine became best friends.

Sydney Benami

Once, there was a girl named Renee. Renee was a mean person and always went against girls who are not like her. She used to be best friends with a girl named Nina but, as they got older, they grew apart. Nina has a Facebook and told her friend her password who was secretly friends with Renee. That friend told Renee Nina’s password. Raquel logged into Nina’s account and started writing mean things and cursing to all of her friends. The next day, all of Nina’s friends got mad at Nina. But Renee regretted doing that and announced in front of everyone in lunch that she wrote all that bad stuff about Nina’s friends. Everyone forgave her and all the cliques in the school broke and they became friends. No more mean girls!

Ashley Miller

In my camp, Loshon Hara and doing the right things is stressed. It was my third year in that camp but that year a new girl came. Her name was Claudia. There was another girl named Ilana and she’s been in camp for three years, too. On the first day of camp, Claudia and I came just about the same time. It ended up that the other girl didn’t come for a long time. I realized that Claudia was so nice. She was funny and nice. Then Ilana came and Claudia got quiet again. Ilana said to me, “Tonight we’ll take make up and we’ll make her look like a clown.” In the beginning, I thought that it was a great idea and then I remembered what Claudia had said to me. She said that I was a good friend. I told Ilana that instead of making her look like a clown, let’s wake her up and give her a pretty makeover. Ilana thought it was stupid so I told her, “Ok. If you really want to do it, ok. But get to know her.” That night we all got so close to Claudia. Ilana came to me and said, “You know what? You are right. She is so nice.” We gave her a beautiful makeover and she was so happy.