moral values stories

Omri Bareket

On the year book committee there was a bully. Not a physical bully, but a verbal one. When it came time to writing about one of the students, the bully was very mean; he wrote such mean things and was going to tell that student that that’s on his yearbook picture permanently. So I went and fixed his picture and when the bully went to show the student the information there was none of the mean things. The bully was shocked. I told the teacher what the bully did. The bully got in trouble and got kicked off the committee.

Joey Cohen

One time, I was playing a football game. My friend gave up the game winning touchdown and everyone was screaming at him. He looked really sad. I wanted to help so I took the blame and everybody stopped screaming at him.

Eddie Haddad

One day a few friends go to a restaurant for lunch. One kid says that his mom said that she doesn’t have enough money to give him. Instead of laughing at the child you could be nice and left him money so he won’t feel embarrassed and left out.

Yosef Cohen

The toilet paper guy, my friend Joe, was walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoes. He walked into the auditorium. I chased after him into the auditorium and tapped his shoulder, and whispered to him, you got something in your shoes. He looked down and saw it. I told him. “go take it off and throw it in the garbage.” But the garbage was on the other side of the room with all the people. I told him, “On the word ‘safety’ walk to the garbage.” I walked to the middle of the auditorium and pulled my novelty pen. It made a fart noise and I said, “safety”. Joe walked across the room and threw his toilet paper out and as everybody was laughing I pulled out the pen and everybody realized it was fake and Joe wasn’t embarrassed.

There was once a kid in school who was good in math. Every time he got back a test the teacher said, “You could do better.” My friends and I wrote a letter to the teacher, anonymously, saying if he can not say anything to anyone when they get their test back. No one ever got embarrassed from that teacher again.

Eddie Mattat

One day there was a kid that didn’t have that much money his family was having a tough financial times. He and I both lost our textbooks that cost $50 and he was scared to tell his mom. So I went into my savings and paid for him to save him the pressure.

Michael Rosilo

I was at one ice cream store last year with a few of my friends. One of my friends didn’t have money but I could tell but his face that he wanted ice cream. I took him to the side and handed him some money. He refused to take it but I insisted he did. There could have been another way of handling it. I could have given him the money in public but that would embarrass him. That is why you should never embarrass someone especially in public.

Maurice Maswory

One day the whole basketball team decided that they were going to eat pizza at the pizza place after practice. But there was one kid who was a new kid in school and didn’t know a lot of people. After practice we all got dressed and we were walking out of the gym to go to the pizza store. But this one kid was sitting there waiting for someone to pick him up from school. He looked lonely so I went over to him quietly and asked him is he wanted to come for pizza. He said yes, and he was very happy.

Jacob Silvera

I went to play baseball and everyone knew that Jack is the worst player. I felt bad because he always gets picked last. My friend Mike was a captain. I went up to him to tell him that he should pick Jack first. He didn’t understand but he listened to me. Once we started to play Jack kept on striking out. Mike was very upset with me. Later in the game I gave Jack some tips about swinging. After he listened to me Jack got a single and brought in 2 runs!

Nessim Azizo

Last week we got back out tests in our math class. Everyone knew it would be so easy and no one studied. My best friend told me that he studied really well for this test so he was assured to get that 100. We got our tests back. Some kids got 85’s, 90’s, and even 100’s. But my friend got a62. He was so upset and disappointed. Everyone was asking him what he got and I knew he would be embarrassed. Right then I jumped in and started saying how it was such a hard test and that I failed badly. Everyone was now focusing on my mark and forgot about my friends. He thanked me so much.

Asher Lifshutz

Yesterday there were basketball tryouts. The coach said he will put up a paper of who made the team today. There was one mean kid that made the team. There was also a loser that tried out and didn’t make the team. There were 20 kids in the gym and the mean kid was about to say that he didn’t make it to the loser and I stopped him by changing the subject.

Mayer Kamkhatchi