Ideas on how to stop bullying

Amy Yedid YOF

A girl names Renee was throwing a party in her house for her Bat Mitzvah. She invited the whole grade. Renee is very popular and felt like the only reason she is popular is because she makes fun of people. At Renee’s house a girl names Joy was drinking apply juice and she was wearing a white dress. Renee sent someone to move Joy’s hand so the drink would spill. When that person did the juice spilled all over her. Renee took the microphone and was about to say, “Look at Joy, she had an accident.” But right before she could do it, Renee’s best friend yelled out “There is a FIRE!” everyone ran out of the place. But there was no fire. Renee’s friend said that so she can grab Renee and Joy before they can run out and talked to Renee. She told her that what you did was not nice to do. Renee said she is sorry and took Joy up to her room and gave her a nice dress to wear. If you don’t want to feel that way don’t do it to someone else!

Rashelle Gersh YOF

It was a Tuesday, and we all got out Chumash test back. Jenny got her test back and all of a sudden her face turned tomato red. She went to sit in the back of the room and you could hear her weeping. Adele got 100 on the test and figured she should gloat. Jenny started crying even more after being made fun of. The next day we got a math test back and Adele didn’t do well. I went over and said, “I guess it doesn’t feel good when people gloat when you get a bad mark.” Adele apologized to Jenny and from that day on they helped each other study.

Hashem created all of us equal so it is wrong to make someone an outcast.

Ariel Cohen YOF

We were getting back out tests. Marilyn got the best mark she has even gotten. Sara went over to Marilyn and made fun of the mark she got in front of the whole class. Marilyn was very embarrassed, but she went over to Sara and told her I tried my best and I thought I did very well. This teaches us that embarrassing is bad but you can learn to stick up for yourself.

Mellisa Duchan YOF

Rivka has a hard time understanding a class. The class is misbehaving and the teacher is getting impatient. She has taught something and you know Rivka doesn’t understand it. Rivka is very timid and since the teacher is already impatient, she doesn’t want to ask a question. Before the period is over the period is over the teacher assigns two pages of homework on her lesson. You can tell Rivka is panicking. So you go up to her and offer to help her during lunch, she looks very happy and relived. You both end up having a good time and you l earned many things: a) The teacher’s lesson, b) how to make friend c) not to embarrass people.

Junie Maleh YOF

One day my friend named Rachel had fever she even missed school. I suggested calling her with my friends to wish her a Refuah Shelemah. My friends said, “No way! She is not even your friend, she is such a loser!” I decided to call her, right there in from of my friends. Rachel said, “I didn’t expect a phone call, this is my first ever from someone when I was sick. Thank you, really!” And then my friends felt guilty and after that decided to call her separately, Rachel was so happy.

Fanay Dorin YOF

On Shushan Purim, Megan bright the entire class Mishloach Manot. They were healthy and had fruits and vegetables. Everyone was very disappointed. Megan started apologizing and I could tell that she was very embarrassed. So, I took out the raisin box from the Mishloach Manot and said, ‘Oh my gosh! I love raisins, especially this kind.” Everyone started to eat the raisins and Megan was so happy, her face lit up. To embarrass someone is equivalent to stabbing them to death. The reason for that is when someone is hurt emotionally, their heart breaks. They have an aching feeling inside of them. I am not a murderer of souls that’s why I don’t embarrass my friends.

Naomi Shapiro YOF

Sarah just moved in to the neighborhood. My school has a certain clothing style. Everyone wears similar clothes. On Sarah’s first day, I saw that she didn’t really wear the clothes that were in fashion in our school. People were pointing and laughing at her. I could tell that she was embarrassed so I went to her and told her about what we wear. She thanked me so much and the next day she was accepted be everyone.

Sarah Levy YOF

When school starts on Fridays, Shabbat music fills the halls. The girls in the grade always come together to sing one song. This Friday when the song was almost over, Ava saw Chana shyly approaching. She didn’t know where to break into the circle so Ava mover over. Chana smiled and walked over. Chana seemed so happy singing with everyone.

The worst thing in the world is being excluded.