What are Torah Values

To make it easier for you, we list several inner qualities below

Focus on one point from the list below; describe the details of the story as it happened. Make it interesting.

  • Originality

  • Consistency

  • Courage

  • Creativity

  • Certainty: Someone who isn’t afraid to take the risk that is involved in making a decision.

  • Cooperation: When you make a project together, he considers his friend’s opinion and not looking to take all the credit for himself.

  • Organization: Someone whose desk, room and briefcase looks neat and organized.

  • Focused: For example, when you do your homework and you receive a phone call you don’t stop to pick it up.

    • Positive Attitude: Someone who had a bad day and still able to bounce back quickly and doesn’t spread the negative vibe all around him.

    • Reliable: For example when your friend borrowed a toy from you he returned it to you the time that he promised.

    • Laziness: Someone who takes school seriously and not looking for shortcuts for example to copy homework, etc.

    • Anger Management: Someone who knows how to control his anger.

    • Time Management: Someone who doesn’t wait until last minute to study for the test.

    • Flexible: Someone who easily adapts to new changes.

  • Ability to accept criticism

  • Having goals

Example for honesty: You are playing cards with your friend and while you weren’t looking he saw your cards by mistake and he told you about it.

B. How can this quality contribute to making your family business more successful?

Write an actual example that shows that your friend has that inner quality.

A. Which inner qualities do your friends have that would help make your family business more successful? Give an example.

We get excited from materialistic things. For example, if someone is a good basketball player or if someone has fancy shoes, nice toys, or cool games we praise him and we make a big deal about it. However, we should have at least the same excitement for our friend’s inner quality. Imagine your parents asking you to choose from your friends to work in their family business.

What you praise is who you are