When kids can get bullied

Give an example of a situation when your friend was teased, embarrassed, or picked on, or excluded from a group and you came up with creative ideas on the spot to save him from embarrassment. (It could be made up)

To make it easier, we list below situations when your friend could get teased or excluded. Focus on one situation, elaborate on it and spice it up to make it interesting and inspiring.

  • New kid in class

  • A kid with an accent

  • A kid looks different because of the way he is dressed or acts

  • A quiet kid

  • You are helping your friend prepare a party and you know he is inviting the whole class except for one kid. How do you convince him not to do it?

  • The same Sunday have a party for a popular and a quiet girl. How can you convince your friend to attend the shy girl's party as well?

  • You see your friend is about to send an embarrassing photo to many friends.

  • The weird kid comes to join you at the lunch table and your friend won’t let him sit. What would you do? How would you convince your friend to let him sit?

  • You’re in charge of organizing the teams for a game. There is a kid who is not athletic, each time he is excluded from a game. How can you influence your friend to include him?

  • Your friends are preparing a play. Everyone gives his ideas and one kid’s opinion is being ignored. How can you help him?

  • A rumor is being spread about your friend. How do you stop it?

  • Michael asks a silly question in class and everyone laughs. How can you save him from embarrassment?

  • There was a tight game and David missed the ball and made his team lose. Everybody blamed David for causing the team to lose. How can you help him?

  • Kids from the 6th grade are bossing around kids from the younger grades. What would you do to stop it?

  • When your friend is begging Steve to tell him his grade he got on a test and he is embarrassed to show him. How can you help him?

When social life goes easy for you, you could use this influence to include the shy kids. How? If your friend is being teased or picked on or excluded, think of creative ideas how to respond on the spot to get a bully to stop doing it.Tips: If you see a bully doesn’t listen to you, let it go and don’t escalate it into a fight.

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Creative Ideas for Kids to Stop Bullying

We all want to fit in and be accepted and liked by our friends. For some people social life comes easy. It’s easy for them to make friends, to relate to people. For some, social life is hard. They don’t make friends easily because they are shy, they are afraid of rejection.